Back to School Cookies

With the kiddos and teachers headed back to school this week it only makes sense that people would want Back to School cookies. I was asked by a co-worker to make some for her sister who is a teacher. Knowing that it was a small quantity I didn’t want anything too complex. I decided to go with apples, pencils, and chalkboards.


For the apples I used the Wilton apple cutter found at Joann’s.

To make these cookies you’ll need:

  • Red piping icing
  • Red 20 second icing
  • Leaf Green piping icing
  • Brown piping icing
  • White 20 second icing

Begin by outlining and filling the apple with red.

Apple outlined

While the red is still wet add a highlight of white. This is called wet on wet, the white icing will sink into the red making it one flat surface.

Apple Wet on Wet

Once set pipe green leafs and brown stems.

Completed Apple Cookie

An easy, classic, simple apple. For another twist on the apple check out these Bitten Apples by Sugarbelle.

For the chalkboards I used a rectangular plaque cutter.

To make these cookies you’ll need:

  • Brown 20 second icing
  • Green 20 second icing
  • White piping icing

Outline with brown 20 second icing. I made two outlines for a thicker border.

Chalkboard - outlined

Once set, fill with green 20 second icing.

Chalkboard - filled

Use white piping icing to write a message on your chalkboards. These were for Miss Ries first year in a classroom by herself, so we went with “Good Luck Miss Ries”

Chalkboard - writing

Lastly I did the Chubby Pencil Cookies by Sugarbelle, you can find her tutorial here.

Chubby Pencil Cookies

Overall these turned out great, and I hope Miss Ries enjoyed them! I write this post as I get ready to send my son, Peyton, off to Kindergarten tomorrow morning. We are so excited for him, and right now I’m thinking I won’t cry but we’ll find out tomorrow for sure.

Remember to shine bright and stay sweet!



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