Finding a Schedule

So I’ve been a little MIA the last week and a half. I haven’t even been that busy to have a good excuse. I’m working on getting on a schedule of regular posting, right now I’m thinking for sure Monday’s and then hopefully another time during the week but at a minimum once a week.

I’m currently working on some Halloween cookies and will be decorating them tonight. I’m planning to take lots of pictures during the process to share with you all. Now if only I could share the actual cookies with you!

I also have a list of projects that I’m working on but unfortunately they are for Christmas presents so I’m limited on which ones I can post since a few of my readers may be recipients of said projects!

My Halloween costume is set to arrive today ( I may have procrastinated a bit ) and I’ll hopefully have some pics of Nohal and I to share. We are attending two parties this year, one is adults only and one is with kids. We typically don’t go all out for Halloween but I think the fact that it landed on a Friday this year had something to do with it. In the meantime while I work on cookies and posts here are some great posts from other bloggers to check out and get you in the Halloween spirit!

Classic Frankenstein cookies by Lila Loa

Witch Cookies by the Bearfoot Baker

Easy Ghost Cookies by Sweetopia

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