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Happy Thursday! I’m gearing up for another weekend of camping with the family, it sounds like it will be a chilly one but I’m sure we’ll still have a blast. One of my favorite things to do while camping is paint my nails. Maybe its because its relaxing, or it keeps me from eating for at least 30 mins (since most of our camping time seems to be spent eating!) either way its fun, but an alternative to traditional nail polish is Jamberry Nails.

I had seen Jamberry Nails awhile back and was intrigued by them. At that time they were new to me and I didn’t know anyone that had tried them. Since then I’ve been invited to a few of my friends online parties and seen them on people more. About a month ago, I made the plunge and ordered some. They had several great styles to pick from so finding something I liked wasn’t hard (See pics below for the styles I chose, however 3 of the 4 are no longer sold). I think what sold me the most was the enthusiasm of the consultant, as lame as that sounds, she really loved this product and you could tell! She also was willing to give away free samples (great selling tactic here!) which I quickly said, “Sign me up for that.” The sample arrived in the mail quickly and included two wraps in two different styles. So I painted my nails and put the wrap on my pinkie fingernails.

Sample shown on pinkie

Given the fact that I did not have the proper tools recommended for application they weren’t the easiest things to apply but they did look cute. So along with my order I decided to also get an application kit that comes with all the right tools and a cute little case. Now I could have gone to Sally’s or probably even Target and found what I needed, but this was just easier at the time. The convenience factor.

After receiving my order they sat in the cupboard for about a week until I finally found a chunk of time where I could sit down and try these things out. It probably took me a good half hour start to finish applying on both hands. I’m assuming this would probably get faster after doing it a few times. After I thought they looked ok, several had some bubbles and I think my second hand looked better than my first after I figured out to push down the center and then outward, otherwise I ended up with a bubble/crease in the middle.

Overall I want to say they lasted about a week; not nearly as long as some others had said they did. It may have been because of the bubbles that caused some to lift up faster, or just the activities I was doing that week. If I recall we went camping, and were outside a lot that week, along with doing dishes and bath time for the kids etc., it all adds to the wear and tear on them.

Would I try them again? Yes. Like I said I think you get better at putting them on after a few times, just like anything else. And hopefully faster too. I loved all the different designs and they are a fun alternative to nail polish.  I could see ordering some to coordinate with a dress or outfit for a special event, or if you have daughters or other young girls in your life it would be a fun activity during a party or sleepover.

Punchy Puff
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Distant Horizon
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City Lights
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