ModCloth Review – Shopping for Tunics


I was recently in search of more tunics to add to my closet. I like the tunic/legging look and thought it would be a good fall transition piece. Not that I’m ready for fall…summer please hold on for a while longer! In the search for a place with tunics that I like I stumbled upon ModCloth. I looked through their tunic section, which has some great pieces and read their about page and loved their story. I decided to make a purchase and while it was hard to narrow it down I ended up with the Simplicity on a Saturday Tunic in Black Stripes (I had originally wanted this in White Stripes but it was out of stock) and the Please Allow Me Top in Navy. Observations during the shopping process – Their pieces are funky and have unique names. They do not carry large quantities of items in stock. If you find an item you want you better get it now, because more than likely it will be gone if you wait.


Unfortunately, after receiving both of these items will be returned. The Simplicity on a Saturday top flared out at the bottom which didn’t seem evident in the picture. I felt as if I was wearing a tent, not that look I was going for! The Allow Me Top fit too small in the chest for the size I ordered. I am however, going to give ModCloth a second chance. The return process is pretty easy, they give you a link to print a return shipping label and even give you an additional $5 credit if you are doing an exchange. Now what to pick from my Love It list to try…. I’m leaning towards the Record Swap and the Where’s it Mat in Chevron shown below. I’ll be sure to keep you posted as how they turn out.

RecordSwapWheresItMatLooking past the trial and error of shopping with a new place I think ModCloth is worth a try. Some pieces seem a bit young, but if you want to add items to your closet with lightweight fabrics and vintage flair ModCloth is worth a look.

Shine bright and stay sweet!

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