New Co-Workers = New Cookie Orders

With summer being so busy I haven’t found myself making that many cookies lately. Plus there aren’t a lot of holidays in the summer months that you’d typically bake for compared to winter, so the theme usually takes a bit more thinking. I recently made some dinosaur face cookies – find the tutorial via Sugarbelle here. As always Sugarbelle shows us how to be creative with the use of our cookie cutters. I brought some of them into work to share, and this was the first time sharing my cookie creations with co-workers since switching jobs back in May. Needless to say they were impressed with both how they looked and how well they tasted. Receiving the usual comments, “How long do those take you?”, “They are too pretty to eat!”, “Those look professional.” I quickly had people asking me to make cookies for them. I now have two orders lined up for the end of August. One is for a co-worker’s grandson’s birthday. He will be turning seven and is looking for some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cookies. The second is for a co-worker’s sister who will be heading back to school as a teacher and asked for some “back to school” themed cookies. I’ve been busy rounding up supplies, and already ordered a ninja turtle cookie cutter and pizza slice cutter, both from Cheap Cookie Cutters. I’ve also ordered a sample of the boxes from the BRP Box Shop as I wasn’t sure what sizes would work best for my projects. The sample option allows you to pick 5 different sizes for $10.00, a great way to try them out. Lastly I had to try some of the ribbon from Ribbon by Design, I picked the the “For the Love of Cookies”, “Crazy for Cookies”, and the “Cookie Word Block” ribbon to try. I’m hoping to order some Illustrious Confections custom ribbon soon. Until then shine bright and stay sweet!

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