New Toys – Part I

So if you follow me on Facebook (and if you don’t, you should at ) you’ve probably seen I’ve purchased some new “cookie toys” recently. One of said toys is a Duff Airbrush.

I had been looking at airbrushes for awhile, and contemplating on what to get. I thought I was set on the Pegasus, but then I did some more research and found that for what I was intending to do with it the Duff would meet my needs, and the plus being they are sold at Michaels so I could get it right away. The impatient factor wins again – gimme, gimme, gimme NOW!!
Of course I wanted to play with it right away when I got it home, like any kid would; however I didn’t have any cookies flooded and ready and I had read that it’s good to practice on parchment paper first. I had a couple stencils and thought I would play around a little. It was fun but I couldn’t wait to try it out on an actual cookie. My friend, Shari was in need of some cookies for a party she was having which had a snowman on the invitiation. So we came up with snowman and snowflake cookies to go with her theme.

I did not have time to purchase a snowflake stencil online so my next option was to make my own. I outlined the cutter on cardstock and the drew a snowflake design on it, lastly using an X-Acto knife I cut out the template. I then held the template over the cookie which had already been flooded with white icing and had time to dry. I sprayed the template with a blue airbrush color. For the first time using the airbrush on a cookie I was pleased with the results.

On the snowman cookies I used 20 second flood icing in an electric green to pipe hats on the snowman. (note the snowman on the invitiation had green hats with a blue band, hence the color choices ) Once those were set I used a green airbrush color to provide some shading to the brim of the hat and the side. This was a little more free form, and of course trickier. But it was fun trying and it will definetly take me some practice.

This platter turned out really cute, and they went great with the other snowman themed items at the party. I’m told there weren’t any left over to take to work the next day either! lol

Shine Bright and Stay Sweet!


2 thoughts on “New Toys – Part I

  1. Mollie Bergsbaken says:

    I’m glad you got a new one our old onewould not have done that good of a job. That’s why I hesitated to sell it to you. So happy for you the cookies are beautiful

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