New Toys – Part II

I drafted this post back in December, decided I should probably post it, not sure what I was waiting for, probably time – which I never seem to have enough of. lol

As mentioned in my last post New Toys – Part I/a>, and on Facebook (at ) you’ve probably heard or seen I’ve purchased some new “cookie toys” recently. This time I’m talking about the Kopykake! Now I’ve been drooling over getting a Kopykake for awhile now, and when Black Friday rolled around and it was an extra $30 off I pulled the trigger and went for it. Of course not more than a day or so after I ordered it I saw other Cookie Artists posting about the AAXA LED Pico Pocket Projector, along with some cool videos showing how it works. Now I felt stuck, the Pico is a digital projector which you can hook up to your iPhone or iPad, its much smaller than the Kopykake, and since its digital you don’t have to print off whatever you want to project it just comes straight from your device, and all the resizing is also done on the device. So the question was, do I wait for my Kopykake to arrive, return it, wait for my refund, and then purchase the AAXA Pico Projector? Well if you’ve been reading past posts you can probably guess what I decided. Yes, my lack of patience won out and I decided to stick with the Kopykake. I figured people have been using it for years and years and have been able to do great work with it so why
couldn’t I? Plus a few years down the road if I’m still this into cookies maybe I’ll get the AAXA Pico Projector too.

So onto testing out the Kopykake. First the assembly out of the box was very simple, apart from screwing in the bulb. That proved to be a little tricky based on the location of the bulb (How many cookie artists does it take to screw in a light bulb? lol). Once assembled I found some random images and projected them, playing with the focus and zoom. My first cookie project using the Kopykake was to be a construction themed set for a 3 yr old’s birthday. I wanted to re-create the Cristin’s Cookies dump truck. I would have liked to purchase the cutter from Cheap Cookie Cutters but given my timeline that wasn’t going to work. So using the image, I projected it on the Kopykake to get the size I wanted and traced it onto a piece of paper. Then using an X-Acto Knife I cut out the image, leaving my template to hand cut the dough with. Luckily I only needed to make 6 of these, or I would have been paying the extra shipping to get the cutter delivered in time.

Once the cookies were baked and ready to be decorated I projected the image onto the cookie and used black icing in a piping consistency to outline the truck details. I also used this time to practice writing. I used a stencil font and printed out Party Zone and Happy Birthday Jimmy and piped this on a piece of paper. For the real thing it will be going on orange diamonds and squares for construction signs.IMG_1220.JPG

Once my outline trucks were set I used white, orange, and yellow icing in a 20 second flood consistency to fill in the details. I also used the orange icing to flood some triangles and number 3s.



Next I used the Kopykake to project Party Zone and the Happy Birthday Jimmy on the orange squares. For the Party Zone I turned the squares to be diamonds instead. Once the writing was set I added a black outline to the signs.




This was a really fun set to do, and I can’t wait to do more fun things with the Kopykake. Adding detailed outlines and especially writing with different fonts is so much easier!

Shine Bright and Stay Sweet!


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