Planning a Wedding Order

For those of us that are married we know a lot goes into planning that big day. More than likely a year or more of reservations, to do lists, fittings, invite lists and so on. A wedding cookie order while not to the magnitude of the wedding itself does require some level of planning. Typically the bride is the one reaching out and may have already spent some time online on Pinterest and other sites looking for the perfect idea and inspiration. Me, the cookier discusses designs with the bride, quantity, packaging, and delivery. Wedding orders are typically larger than cookie orders for other occasions, so I’m always thankful when a bride (or groom) is planful and knowing so reaches out early rather than later. Once designs and colors have been confirmed, I may offer a trial run. Photographing the results and sending to the couple for preview. This gives the couple an idea of what to expect and helps relive anxiety on both ends. The couple is less anxious they know what to expect the day of and I’m less anxious because I know I’m meeting the customers expectations. Because no one wants an angry bride on their hands!!  (Insert picture of bridezilla!). 

Now that everyone is happy and knows what to expect I can plan my timeline. I like to plan the work over a handful of days. I do this 1 because there are not enough hours in the day to get it all done and 2 when working on large orders usually with limited number of designs the repetition can get boring, and when bored things get sloppy and no one wants that!  Depending on size of the order and what else I have going on in my life. Yes I have a life, with 2 kids, a husband, and a full time job there is bound to be some other event or activity I need to account for, so the process can take anywhere from 3 days to a week. Typically I bake and mix frosting on one day, apply base frosting on one day, details in another day and a final day for photographing and packaging. (And by day you know I mean night, because I only work on cookies in the hours of 6pm-12am, unless I can squeeze some time out of the weekend) Then they are set to be delivered. 

So while wedding orders can be consuming and more effort than a typical 2-3 dozen birthday order, I do enjoy being a part of people’s special day! 

Here are a few photos of a current wedding order in the works. 

Base frostimg being applied
Baked and Frosting Mixed
Trial Run
Trial Run 2

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