Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Birthday

completed ninja turtle birthday cookies

Is it just me that finds it funny that TMNT is back in style? I guess that goes along with everything else now days. I recall my brother playing with his TMNT toys in the bath tub, and now 20 some years later my boys are doing the same thing. So it makes perfect sense that someone would ask for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle themed cookies for a 7yr old’s birthday.

You can go to Cheap Cookie Cutters and find a ninja turtle and a pizza slice that work perfectly. I also went with a number set, instead of just a 7 as I knew these would come in handy at some point. Say when this same boy turns 8?

I apologize don’t have step by step photos, so the tutorials will be quick on these. I promise I’ll get better at making sure to take more photos along the way.

For the platter I decided to go with pizza slices, 7’s, sewer plates with the birthday boy’s name, and of course the ninja turtles. Here they are all boxed up and ready for delivery.

completed ninja turtle birthday cookies

To make these cookies you’ll need purple for Donatello, blue for Leonardo, orange for Michelangelo, and red for Raphael. Along with those you’ll also need turtle green, black, grey, white, and brown.


When making the pizza slices use brown 20 second icing to outline and fill the band of crust. Once set fill the remaining portion of the slice with white 20 second icing, or an off white mozzarella color. Whichever you prefer, I had more white on hand so it was easier. Once that’s set use red 20 second icing to make splotches of sauce, green 20 second icing to make squares, (though they don’t need to be perfect) for the green peppers, and then black piping or thicker flood icing to make black olives. After that has dried use your white or off white thicker 20 second icing, (here I used more of a faint fleshy color for the top cheese) to fill in around the toppings you created. You want it to be squiggly, and kind of messy to give the shredded cheese effect, and some should overlap the toppings and sauce.


For the number 7’s simply use the red, blue, orange and purple 20 second icings from the turtle masks to outline and fill. Pretty simple here!


For the sewer plates use a standard circle cutter and grey 20 second icing to outline and fill. After that has dried use black piping icing to create the sewer pattern. Start on the outside working your way across the cookie alternating between two vertical lines and two horizontal lines. Believe me after two of these you’ll be questioning why you wanted to do these and why you haven’t invested in an airbrush yet (then you could simply use a stencil!). Baby steps, it all comes in good time, am I right? One can hope anyways.

20140827_221011Once set I used red piping icing to write Nolan, the birthday boy’s name, over the top of each sewer plate.


Lastly the ninja turtles! Start by using black piping icing to create your outline, as you can see in the partially filled one below. Once set use your various 20 second bandanna color icings to fill the bandanna areas. Next use your turtle green 20 second icing to fill above and below the bandanna. You can complete the eyes various ways, I chose to use black piping icing to create the iris of the eye and then once set filled the rest in with white. Lastly use black piping icing to create the smile and mouth and once set add a red tongue.


Now they’re the world’s most fearsome fighting team. They’re heroes in a half-shell and they’re green. And when the evil Shredder attacks, these Turtle boys don’t cut him no slack! (Are you singing along yet?)


If you have a young boy or girl in your household that is all about TMNT now you can share the Turtle love with these fun TMNT themed cookies. I hope Nolan had a great 7th birthday.
Turtle Power!


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