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My brother was married this past June and I was asked to help with the reception decorations. Both my brother and his wife had been married previously and were not looking for a large elaborate wedding. The plan was a small wedding with a short church ceremony followed by a picnic style reception at a nearby park. In speaking with the bride on what she was looking for in a theme she said, “I want bright colors, I want it to be bright and happy.” My mom had already had the idea of using mason jars with flowers for the center pieces and this then sent me down the rustic path. Rustic decor for weddings is very trendy right now and with so many people on pinterest and being diy’ers it was a perfect fit. We decided on bright shades of pink, green, and yellow for the colors, with some antique white thrown in to stay true to the rustic path. After scouring pinterest I came up with a plan and sent it over to the bride. She is so easy going of course she approved with very little changes. Next was the hunt for supplies, we needed several mason jars, a large picture frame, window shutters, an old window, and some scrap wood. Along with loads of tissue paper, tablecloths, ribbon, and spray paint. I was able to secure most of the supplies at little or no cost getting items from friends, family, and craigslist. A week before the wedding I made the trek back to my parents house to hook up with the bride and my mom for a project day. After lots of spray paint, and tissue paper folding we were pretty set.

We made this sign and window/photo holder for the cake table. To create lettering like this you can print a mirror image of the words you want in your selected font. Trace the letters using a charcoal pencil and then flip the paper over, line it up so it’s positioned how you want it and scribble over the letters to transfer the outline to your sign.

wedding decor - wooden sign and window picture
Image by VisualStory Photography


wedding decor - old window picture holder

The card holder was a bit of a flop in that the window shutters I was able to find did not stay closed. An old picture frame was painted and an insert was painted with chalkboard paint to make the “Thank You” sign.

wedding decor - card holder and Thank You sign

The day of the wedding my dad picked up bouquets of peonies from a local place and they were used in the mason jars and galvanized metal bucket. Some petals were lost but they actually held up pretty well considering. Mason jars were painted and tied with a ribbon that held a love quote. These were then placed on tables with coordinating tablecloths.

wedding decor - mason jar flowers
Image by VisualStory Photography

The galvanized bucket held one of the signs, this was painted free hand and while I would have liked it to be more precise in the font, the way it ended up added to the rustic flair.

wedding decor - wooden sign
Image by VisualStory Photography

Tissue paper pom-poms were strung from the pavilion ceiling. Most had to be re-puffed after being made a week prior and bunched together in transit. Mother Nature didn’t help, in that it was very windy that morning when we were setting everything up. I feared we would arrive after the ceremony with no pom-poms hanging. Luckily I think all but 1 or 2 were still hanging. Here’s a link to the tutorial I used for the pom-poms.

wedding decor - pom-poms

All in all it was a beautiful day. Much happiness to the bride and groom!

wedding decor - sunset pic of happy couple
Image by VisualStory Photography
wedding decor - happy family
Image by VisualStory Photography

Thanks to VisualStory Photography for letting me use of some of the great photos they took as part of this post.

Shine bright and stay sweet!

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