Windshield Wiper Eye Shadow

First off, sorry it took me longer to get this post out there. Just when you think you’re not busy something else comes up. This past weekend the boys and I were home alone while Nohal was playing in a golf tournament. The boys and I made a trip to Menards and I started on my first woodworking project. I hope to share more about that soon. I’m also spending time this week getting ready for the boys’ birthday party this weekend.  Did I say I was busy?!?

Any who onto the topic of eye shadow… I’ve been a drugstore cosmetic person up until about the last couple years. Since moving to MN and discovering Ulta, along with several different beauty blogs I’ve started purchasing some more high end make-up and beauty products.  There are some things you can find the cheaper brand works just as well or maybe even better.  It’s all about what works for you and not so much about the price, but experimenting and trying new things is always fun.

Since I started wearing make-up back in middle school or whenever one starts wearing make-up I was always under the assumption that I needed to wear multiple colors of eye shadow blended together. Wearing just one shade was not enough.  Boy was I wrong! Since having kids and having a professional career I don’t have as much need to have my eye make-up all done up, but I was still finding myself wearing at least 3 shades of eye shadow.  They sell them in palettes of 3 or more, so you should wear them all right? And the case as the classic approach of 1 shade all over, a medium shade on the lid, and a darker shade in the crease. So this was my habit, and what I stuck with. Now there is nothing wrong with this approach, in fact I still do it sometimes. However, what I’m getting at is that it’s not the only approach available.

Standard Eyeshadow
Look familiar?

In comes Cara of Maskcara. First off Cara is beautiful, absolutely stunning, and second her blog is awesome! She does a variety of posts from makeovers to tutorials. Back in July Cara did a post series called Eye Shadow School where she went over the supplies, and then several posts each on a different technique.  One technique is called the “Windshield Wiper.” This technique uses one shade of shadow and now has become my go to style. When I’m getting ready for work, or running errands this is what I do. Now if I’m getting ready for a night on the town or an event I might do something with more layering and blending, but for something simple and quick this is it. Cara tends to use MAC shadows however I like my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette and use Tease for this technique, but really it can be done with any mid-range color.

Naked 2 by Urban Decay

So don’t limit yourself to one technique, try something new and you may find your new go to style!

Shine bright and stay sweet!

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