Wine and Canvas

Last week I attended a ‘Rainy Night in Paris’ event. It was put on by Art and Elixir and hosted at Pour Wine Bar & Bistro in Otsego, MN. Art and Elixir brings art classes to local Twin Cities restaurants. They have a staff of artists that guide you step-by-step thru the painting process while the whole time you are enjoying food and drink from the host site. At the end you have a one of kind painting that you created to take home. Pour Wine Bar & Bistro is owned by Phil and Diane Lutgen and located in Otsego, MN. If you are ever in the area definitely give them a try. My husband and I, along with our friends love to go there. Their menu changes frequently and everything is always phenomenal from the food to the wine to the staff.

rainy night in paris


My best friend Kristen had asked me to go to the event with her and a few of her friends. I had seen people post about similar events in the past and always wanted to try it so I was game.

The instructors did a great job of breaking down the painting into manageable techniques and helping us fix any of the areas we didn’t like. The Eifel Tower and people were traced on with carbon paper (oops, guess the cat is out of the bag… we did not freehand those), and the word ‘Paris’ was modge podged onto the canvas, and the rest were simple techniques (some with a little bit of help). We were able to customize our paintings by mixing up the colors of the clothing the people were wearing. The demo had yellow and teal but I chose to go with a lime green and the teal. Each one turned out different and that’s what makes it art!20140917_204948

During the painting process Kristen and I split some food including: Cheese Curd Risotto Cakes – Risotto prepared in white wine, Wisconsin cheese curds and jalapeno aioli, a few Housemade Truffle Chips, Blueberry Balls – blueberries, sage, thyme, maple syrup, red pepper, fresh ground pork and beef, and the Red Russian Cake – a layered cake of rum cake and red velvet cake for dessert; all while sipping a few glasses of the Urban Mosel Riesling.

I tend to move quickly so I found myself waiting for the next step (yes I’m the one in the class that’s going ahead of the teacher to the next step).  The room was also pretty warm with the amount of people there, and I’m sure the 2 glasses of wine didn’t help. But it was a fun night and something I would give another try. I don’t usually think of myself as a perfectionist but I did find myself getting frustrated when it wasn’t turning out the way I wanted. Of course the way I wanted was to look just like the example. One of the instructors did help me blend more of my shadows as they were pretty heavy originally. In the end I think it’s something I like, but not sure that I’m “in love” with my work.


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