Woodland Baby Shower

Question for you – do you ship your cookies?

That’s how this order started. A family member is having a baby and wanted some cookies for her baby shower. The request – woodland themed, primarily fox and owls and those types of critters with some baby things mixed in. Baby room inspired colors – navy, orange, and grey.

Ready, Set, Go!
I think the researching and brainstorming before a cookie order is one of my favorite parts. I usually come up with a ton of ideas and then have to scale it back because honestly its not realistic to make 8 different types of cookies for an order of 4 dozen. Plus I only have so much time ( I mean I do have 2 kids, a full time job and current a husband who is laid up with a cast on his leg!)

For this order I narrowed it down to a fox, an owl, a onesie, and a rattle. I already had a rattle and onesie cutter in my stash but I headed over to Cheap Cookie Cutters to find an owl and a fox. I love the ones I found, the are super cute and I like that they are almost babyish looking.




To decorate these cookies you’ll need:

  • Black piping icing
  • Orange piping and 20 second icing
  • Navy piping and 20 second icing
  • Grey piping and 20 second icing
  • White piping and 20 second icing


For the polka dotted onesies begin by outlining and flooding the cookie with white 20 second icing. Immediately use orange and navy 20 second icing to apply dots. This wet on wet technique allows the icing to dry flat and look smooth, as the dots will sink into the wet white icing.

For the striped onesies outline and flood with white 20 second icing, this time let them dry until set. For my last few batches of cookies I’ve been setting the pan of cookies in front of my heated fan. This dries the cookies much faster and helps them look shinier. Many cookie artists use this trick and you can pick up a heated fan from Home Depot or Menards for about $20 so why not! Once dry use grey, navy and orange piping icing to make alternating stripes.


For the rattles outline and flood the circle ends of the rattles with 20 second icing. I did half in orange and half in navy. Once dry use grey piping icing to outline your handles and fill with grey 20 second icing. When your handles have set use piping icing in the opposite color of your ends to create bows.



For the foxes and owls outline all parts and create the eyes in black piping icing using a #1 tip and let set. Next use 20 second icing and fill in with coordinating colors, some of the small areas it may be easier to fill with piping icing or if you have flood bottles that have tips that works better too. Once dry use white piping icing to apply the dots on the eyes. Depending on your flood work you may want to go back over some of the outlines with your black piping icing to make them more profound.



I think this set turned out really cute and they were a lot of fun to do. I can see more owls and foxes in my future! I hope Sarah, Baby Fuzzbucket and her guests enjoy! Happy Baby Shower!!

Shine Bright and Stay Sweet!

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